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Center for Produce Safety's Campaign for Research adds $200,000  
November 21, 2011

Castellini Group of Companies and Fresh Innovations/J-V Farms stepped up to join the growing list of contributors to the Center for Produce Safety (CPS) Campaign for Research.

Center for Produce Safety's Campaign for Research 
October 19, 2011

Four private companies and two commodity groups chose Fresh Summit to announce their pledges to the Center for Produce Safety (CPS) Campaign for Research. This funding will support CPS’s competitive research grant programs.

CPS awards $2.1M to 12 projects 
October 5, 2011

CPS announces awards to 12 new research projects to help mitigate food safety risks associated with growing and harvesting fresh produce.

CPS announces 12 key learnings from Produce Research Symposium. 
August 10, 2011

In conjunction with CPS's ongoing mission to translate research, we have provided a glimpse of the key research findings, discussions points, observations and highlights from the symposium....

Patricio succeeds York as chair. 
July 8, 2011

The Center for Produce Safety's Advisory Board convened on June 27, with a key order of business to welcome new board leadership as well as recognize departing board members for their service.CPS is pleased to announce produce industry veteran...

CPS Welcomes $250,000 Gift from Wegman Family Charitable Foundation 
June 28, 2011

Wegman Family Charitable Foundation representatives presented a gift of $250,000 to Center for Produce Safety officers today, during opening ceremonies for CPS’s second annual Produce Research Symposium in Orlando, Fla. The gift is the first made from the retail sector since CPS was founded in 2007...

Food Safety: The Broader View 
June 23, 2011

Symposium coordinators are getting the word out that Session V of the CPS Produce Research Symposium will provide perspective and create conversation about the “big research picture.”

Produce Food Safety Research Posters: Pictures & 1000 words. 
June 21, 2011

Make sure to view important FDA and CPS produce safety research on poster sessions in ChampionsGate Room. This year's symposium will have all eyes toward the stage during each of the five sessions but the research findings will not stop at the end of each session. During the symposium's breaks and reception in the ChampionsGate Room, CPS will showcase...

Novel approaches and ideas key in Session IV of CPS Produce Research Symposium. 
June 15, 2011

This session will focus on some novel concepts and next-generation ideas in produce food safety. We will explore genetic interaction between...

Data Mining focus in Session III of CPS Produce Research Symposium. 
June 3, 2011

The challenges and opportunities of "mining" industry and regulatory surveillance data to assess risks will be the focus of session three....

Research specific to almonds and leafy greens highlight Session II of CPS Produce Research Symposium. 
May 27, 2011

The second session looks at pathogen survival and mitigations in production environments for several specific commodities. Results of research that identified factors...

Tomatoes, water star in Session I of Produce Research Symposium 
May 20, 2011

This is the first in a five part series which will look at each session being presented in Orlando, Florida.... The first session focuses on postharvest approaches to minimizing pathogen contamination. Water sanitation has been a crucial issue for several years and research presented in Session I sheds

UPDATED! Agenda posted for June 28 Produce Research Symposium in Orlando 
May 16, 2011

The latest food safety findings from the Center for Produce Safety’s (CPS) research program will be presented and discussed at the 2011 CPS Produce Research Symposium in Orlando, FL. The agenda reflects the center’s produce-specific research mission to sponsor short-term research with real-world applications to help answer industry’s most pressing food safety questions.  The symposium is designed for a global audience, and is equally relevant to industry, government, the public health community and academia....

CPS recognizes early 2011 Produce Research Symposium sponsors 
March 28, 2011

Organizations from across the produce supply chain and both public and private sectors have committed to sponsoring the Center for Produce Safety's 2011 Produce Research Symposium, which will be held June 28 in Orlando, Fla., USA.

CPS joins Florida industry, academia to host field tour. 
March 16, 2011

CPS today announced that it had joined with the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) to host a produce safety tour of Florida produce production to provide federal agencies and regulators first hand, in-depth experience and knowledge of industry current practices of how produce is safely grown, packed and handled

Produce research priorities meeting results are now available. 
March 1, 2011

Summaries from the June 2010 Produce Research Priorities meeting are now available under the Resources link....

Registration opens for Produce Research Symposium 
February 15, 2011

Registration is now open for the Center for Produce Safety's 2011 Produce Research Symposium, to be held June 28 in Orlando, Florida....

CPS calls for 2011 Research Proposals 
February 1, 2011

The 2011 RFP seeks to fund both produce-general food safety questions and commodity-specific questions.  Core (produce-general) research priorities endeavor to better understand risk potential and to develop...

2nd annual Produce Research Symposium heads to Florida 
January 11, 2011

The Center for Produce Safety 2011 Produce Research Symposium will be held June 28, 2011, at the Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate. In keeping with its purpose to identify and fund research specific to a commodity, region or industry...

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