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Research specific to almonds and leafy greens highlight Session II of CPS Produce Research Symposium.

May 27, 2011
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The Center for Produce Safety's 2011 Produce Research Symposium is sure to feature a topic of interest for everyone as real-world implications of the latest produce food safety research are presented on June 28 in Orlando, Fla., USA.

The second session looks at pathogen survival and mitigations in production environments for several specific commodities. Results of research that identified factors that influence the survival of Salmonella on almonds will be unveiled by the University of California, Davis. The University of California Cooperative Extension will discuss the survival of E. coli on soil amendments and in irrigation water in leafy green field environments. Leaf structural differences in spinach grown under cool season and warm season conditions as they relate to spinach breakage and human pathogen susceptibility will be presented by Oklahoma State University. The University of Delaware will discuss the use of iron as a filtration medium to rid irrigation water of potential pathogen contamination.

"CPS has identified some of the best researchers to present funded research related to core priorities," said Dr. Robert Mandrell of the USDA, Agricultural Research Service. "Cutting edge research is going to be presented at the symposium."

Findings will be presented on a broad range of topics reflecting the center's core research priorities and the priorities of CPS research partners' commodity-specific projects. The symposium is designed for a broad audience and encompasses research on crops ranging from tomatoes to tree crops and relevant to interest groups from industry to the public health community.

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