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CPS Annual Request for Preliminary Proposals 
Announcement: September 7, 2022 - research priorities, resources, application packet

The Center for Produce Safety announced its annual call for preliminary research proposals. Pre-Proposals and required documents should be received by CPS at the following email address: - must arrive no later than 12:00 noon (Pacific Standard Time) on Wednesday, November 9, 2022


INDUSTRY FACILITIES AVAILABLE FOR SCIENTISTS SUBMITTING A PROPOSAL | Throughout the United States, the produce supply chain is offering scientists an opportunity to visit facilities and experience firsthand the growing, harvesting, packing, storing, processing, and distribution of fresh produce. The list of companies is growing, please check back for more companies and locations.  Send requests and questions to

OFFICE HOURS DEDICATED TO RESEARCH SCIENTISTS · OCTOBER 3-14, 2022 | Do you plan to submit a preliminary proposal, and would you like to ask questions about a specific industry practice or the reason for a particular research priority? During the weeks of October 3-7, and October 10-14, CPS will arrange a call with you, your team, and a member(s) of the CPS Technical Committee or outside industry professionals to answer questions. Please send your questions and three preferred appointment times on or before Thursday, September 29 to


The Center for Produce Safety has embarked on a new pilot program initiative specific for postgraduate students working towards a Master of Science (MSc.) This CPS program is designed to provide a unique research immersion experience built around a focused research objective of mutual interest and benefit to the student, the academic major advisor, and the host produce industry firm(s). The aim of this program is to support the continuing professional development of promising MSc. postgraduate students while conducting produce food safety research in a non-academic environment. For more details – CPS Research Priorities pages 8-10. Masters students are required to make an appointment for OFFICE HOURS (above).


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NEW IDEAS | Please contact CPS Executive Director regarding rapid-response research ideas as well as research ideas outside of the annual call for proposals. 
Bonnie Fernandez-Fenaroli, Executive Director |, Ph. (530) 554-9761

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