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CPS Announces Request for Proposals; Regionally Coordinated Agricultural Production -- Water Treatment Baseline Program

Up to $1M available to fund five regional awards 

CPS and other agencies have funded much research on the topics of indicators, index organisms, and sampling regimes. At this time the focus will be on solutions: where and when are agricultural water treatments appropriate, and what options are available to growers. 


Forms - Please check for updates before a proposal is submitted. 



CPS' Annual Call for Research Preliminary Proposal Announcement will go out on Tuesday, September 10, 2019. The alert will be sent via email as well as through social media.

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ATTENTION RESEARCH SCIENTISTS - Scientists that have an interest in collaborating with CPS are encouraged to ask questions about the proposal process, research priorities and CPS expectations of funded scientists. Please send questions to or call the CPS office (530) 554-9706. 

NEW IDEAS - Please contact CPS Executive Director regarding rapid-response research ideas as well as research ideas outside of the annual call for proposals. 
Bonnie Fernandez-Fenaroli, Executive Director |, Ph. (530) 554-9761

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