2022 CPS Research Priorities Webinar

CPS Technical Committee members share industry food safety challenges and the reasons for this year’s research priorities. Scientists considering a proposal submission are strongly encouraged to register and attend this event.

Cyclospora cayetanensis Forum II

This forum builds on the information and discussions presented at the June Cyclospora Forum and provide more detailed and specific information on this important and timely topic.

Topics include (not limited to) the prevalence of Cyclospora, detection methodologies, microbial ecology of irrigation and surface waters, genotyping, and environmental persistence.

CPS Agricultural Water Treatment Webinar

The webinar takes a “deeper dive” into key learnings from the Agricultural Water Treatment in the Southwest Region. Presenters discuss successful monitoring strategies for chemical treatments including PAA and CL, alternative water treatment options including the use of UV light, and results of soil, root, and plant tissue microbiome analysis and what that means for growers concerned about soil health. This session is relevant to all industry sectors and geographic regions.  

6/15/2021 ‐ 7/13/2021
2021 CPS Research Symposium - Webinar Event Series

Session I - June 15, 2021

Session II - June 22, 2021

Session III - June 29, 2021

Session IV - July 6, 2021

Session V - July 13, 2021

CPS 2021 Research Priorities Webinar

Industry members explain the reason for each priority area and provide examples of why additional food safety knowledge is needed. Scientists interested in submitting preliminary proposals are encouraged to attend.

6/22/2020 ‐ 7/21/2020
2020 CPS Research Symposium - Webinar Event Series

Session I - June 23, 2020

Session II - June 30, 2020

Session III - July 7, 2020

Session IV - July 14, 2020

Session V - July 21, 2020

Wildlife Webinar - The Risk of Wildlife to Produce Safety: What do we know?

Presenters: Drs. Alan B. Franklin and Michele Jay-Russell
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Why Guess? Fill Knowledge Gaps With New Insights from Field-based Research

Presenters: Drs. Channah Rock, Trevor SuslowView PDF of PowerPoint

2019 CPS Research Symposium Key Learnings
Optimizing Rapid Test Methods for STEC and in Ag-Environments
Top FAQs about Produce Wash Water Management for Small-Scale and Direct Market Farms