Thank you for visiting the Center for Produce Safety Careers webpage.  We plan to post internships, post-doctoral positions, and industry food safety positions. Please contact with questions about posting a position. 



Dole Fresh Vegetables - Careers webpage

As of June 17, 2018 - 14 positions open

FSQA Audit Specialist, Bessemer City, NC
FSQA Audit Specialist, Bessemer City, NC
FSQA Specialist, Salinas, CA
FSQA Supervisor, Bessemer City, NC
FSQA Audit Specialist, Springfield, OH
FSQA Audit Specialist, Soledad, CA
FSQA Audit Specialist, Bessemer, NC
VP FSQA, Bessemer City, NC; Monterey, CA; Springfield OH
FSQA Supervisor, Soledad, CA
FSQA Specialist - Non-Vegetable, Salinas, CA

FSQA Manager, Springfield, OH


OPPY - Careers webpage