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Cyclospora cayetanensis is a microscopic parasite that causes an intestinal illness in humans called cyclosporiasis. People can become infected when they consume food or water contaminated with the mature parasite. C. cayetanensis can be found worldwide in water, humans, and food.

This page will provide direct access to scientific experts in the field as well as scientific research, presentations, and web resources on Cyclospora cayetanensis.

RESOURCES | Published Work by Topic

Detection Validation Studies and Applications

Environmental and Produce-contact Water

Reviews: Biology, Ecology, Outbreak

Soil as a Reservoir for Contamination

Comparative Phylogenetic Targeting for Detection Strategies

BioFire Rapid GI Film Array System

RESEARCH | Completed and Ongoing Projects

CPS Projects:

A viability assay for Cyclospora and its surrogates Eimeria
Asis Khan, Ph.D. | USDA-ARS | 2023-2024

Development of an infrared-functionalized microbalance sensor for Cyclospora cayetanensis detection and differentiation
Jenny Maloney, Ph.D. | USDA-ARS | 2023

AFECCT: Assessing filtration efficacy for Cyclospora control
Benjamin Rosenthal, S.D. | USDA-ARS | 2022-2023

Cyclospora cayetanensis monitoring in agricultural water
Lia Stanciu, Ph.D. | Purdue University | 2022-2023

Determination of physical and chemical mechanisms to prevent Cyclospora infection
Scott C. Lenaghan, PhD | University of Tennessee | 2021-2022

Analysis of the presence of Cyclospora in waters of the Mid-Atlantic States and evaluation of removal and inactivation by filtration
Kalmia Kniel, PhD | University of Delaware | 2020

Cyclospora prevalence in irrigation water in fresh produce growing regions
Gerardo Lopez, PhD | University of Arizona | 2019

Sources and prevalence of Cyclospora cayetanensis in Southeastern US water sources and growing environments
Mia Mattioli, PhD | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | 2020-2021

The prevalence of Cyclospora in water and produce
Ynes Ortega, PhD | University of Georgia | 2020-2021

Cyclospora: Potential reservoirs and occurrence in irrigation waters
Gerardo Lopez, PhD | University of Arizona | 2017-2018

FDA Research Projects in Progress

EXPERTS IN THE FIELD | CPS Funded Scientists

Asis Khan, Ph.D. | USDA-ARS

Kalmia Kniel, PhD | University of Delaware

Scott C. Lenaghan, PhD | University of Tennessee

Gerardo Lopez, PhD | University of Arizona

Jenny Maloney, Ph.D. | USDA-ARS

Mia Mattioli, PhD, | The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Ynes Ortega, PhD | University of Georgia

Benjamin Rosenthal, S.D. | USDA-ARS

Lia Stanciu, Ph.D. | Purdue University

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