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CPS to Showcase Research at Fresh Summit

October 4, 2010
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The Center for Produce Safety is honored to showcase three research projects during the Fresh Summit Research to Real-World: The Best of Food Safety Innovations workshop, October 16. The workshop format will be similar to the CPS Symposium held in June 2010.

Three scientists will present the current status of their projects, and an expert panel will discuss the possible application of the science for the produce industry. The three projects were selected to show the breadth of research funded by CPS. The projects look at new processing technology, tomato cultivar selection and evaluating industry data to build risk management tools.

Research to Real-World: The Best of Food Safety Innovations session, October 16, 9:35am – 10:50am.

Workshop sponsored by PrimusGFS by Azzule Systems

Reducing tomato contamination with Salmonella through cultivar selection and maturity at harvest.
Max Teplitski, PhD, University of Florida

Epidemiologic analysis and risk management practices for reducing E. coli in irrigation source water
supplies and distribution systems. Edward R. Atwill, PhD, University of California, Davis

Improving produce safety by stabilizing chlorine in washing solutions with high organic loads. Yaguang Luo, PhD, USDA, ARS. Presentation by Dr. Pat Millner, USDA, ARS

Look for the Center for Produce Safety at these key locations on the trade show floor...
Food Safety Solutions Center- Booth # 29
Food Safety Solutions Center - Q&A Sessions, Monday, October 18 11:00 a.m. – 11:45 a.m, Experts with Answers: Learn How the Center For Produce Safety is Working for You.

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