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Researching natural barriers for frog intrusion
Fate of different Listeria survival on apples in storage
Message from the CPS Board Chair, Dave Corsi
Researching Listeria monocytogenes growth potential
Studying the fate and transport of pathogens to help growers recognize scenarios of risk in irrigation water
CPS Wildlife Webinar - 1.15.20
CPS Webinar- 8.1.19: "Why Guess? Fill Knowledge Gaps With New Insights from Field-based Research"

Channah Rock, University of Arizona and Trevor Suslow, Produce Marketing Association and University of California, Davis present an in-depth webinar of recent field and farm-based research simulating both pre-harvest and harvest conditions and reflecting common industry practices. These study outcomes may explain contaminant transfer scenarios on Romaine lettuce and insights to best management practices to reduce this potential. Research results will also be shared from commercial-scale evaluation of antimicrobial mitigation strategies for agricultural water and their impact on microbial survival in water, on soil and plant tissue.

Looking to Surface Changes, Coatings in New CPS Funded Project
Taking a closer look at distribution of Listeria nationwide
Exploring the relationship between product testing and risk
Studying the Soil to Grow Food That is More Safe and Sustainable
Computer model looks to predict Listeria risk-reduction outcome
Sharing Relevant Knowledge With the Industry
Looking to identify viral indicators by using metagenomics
Data is the New Currency
Take-aways for the leafy greens industry at 2019 Symposium
Research With Real World Applications That Make Sense
Looking at non-traditional salad ingredients
"What should we be looking at that is on the horizon?"

2019 CPS Research Symposium attendees reflect back on some of their key take-aways from the 2-day event. Suresh DeCosta of Lipman Family Farms appreciated the focus that highlighted the latest research on Cyclospora.

Creating a Hurdle For Listeria In Stone Fruit Via Edible Coatings
Encouraging Research Collaboration
Project Funding Advice: Insight For Scientists From Industry
2017 Key Learnings - Building the Future for Food Safety Programs
Understanding the Prevalence of Cyclospora
Investing in Safe Food

CPS Minute with Tom Nassif of Western Growers

The Influence of CPS Research
Validation or Verification?

CPS Minute with Elis Owens from Birko