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The Effects of Soil Remediation Treatments on Microbial Populations Following an Extreme Flooding Event (Rapid Response)


Jul. 27, 2015 - Dec. 31, 2015

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James Scott Monroe
Purdue University


Rationale and Objectives

The management of biological soil amendments of animal origin (BSAAO) (=manure) in production is not well defined.  Growers face myriad recommendations (or requirements) based on their particular cropping situation.  The determination of best practice with widespread applicability has been inhibited by the number of factors that can vary the fate of these amendments. Studies have characterized dynamics, such as die-off and persistence, of BSAAO-associated organisms in specific production environments.  Subsequent development of research-based, practical tools that assist growers in making BSAAO management decisions seldom occurs.  Consequently, produce growers are limited in their ability to quickly integrate new information into production systems.

Our objective is the development of a dynamic, internet-based decision support tool that will:

  1. Deliver to growers a relative indication of risk, based on estimated soil indicator organism levels when BSAAO application data are entered.
  2. Accept new data from researchers as they conduct additional studies using an identical protocol.
  3. Automatically incorporate new data to adjust outputs such that they reflect the most current information available.