2012 Produce Research Symposium

2012 Produce Research Symposium

Dana Davis and Tim York, Markon Cooperative open the 2012 symposium

Joe Pezzini, Ocean Mist Farms

Scott Brooks, Yum Brands and Marion Aller, Florida Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Vic Smith, JV Farms responds to a question during a discussion about good agricultural practices, buffer zones and animal vectors.

Martin Ley, Del Campo and Barbara Cassens, US FDA discuss good agricultural practices, buffer zones and animal vectors.

Elaine Berry, USDA ARS and Bruce Hoar, UC Davis respond to questions about their research.

Poster session highlights research that will be presented at the 2013 symposium.

Keith Warriner, University of Guelph asking questions during panel discussion.

Martin Ley, Del Campo, Bill Pool, Wegmans and Jorge Hernandez, US Foods

Panel discussion with industry and research scientists.

Diane Wetherington, Intertox responds to audience questions.

Jim Lugg, produce consultant, responds to panel questions.

John Massa, Comgro asks a question during a panel discussion.

Bob Whitaker, Produce Marketing Association leads the first session of the symposium.

Poster session

Poster session

ABC Research Laboratories first travel grant recipeints: David Ingram, USDA ARS, Hamed Zahedi, University of Guelph, Kanika Bhargava, Wayne State University.

Sharan Lanini, Chiquita / Fresh Express

Wash water session

Devon Zagory, Zagory and Associates responds to questions during the wash water session.

Keith Warriner, University of Guelph responds to question during wash water discussion.

Bryan Silbermann introduces food industry/government discussion.

David Oryang, US FDA

Thank you to all those that helped make the 2012 symposium a success!