2010 PMA Fresh Summit

2010 PMA Fresh Summit

CPS sent executive director Bonnie Fernandez-Fenaroli and grant manager Leslie Maulhardt to the Produce Marketing Association's annual convention, Fresh Summit. CPS showcased three research projects during the Fresh Summit Research to Real World: The Best of Food Safety Innovations workshop on October 16, 2010. They also had a booth at the Food Safety Solutions Center, which allowed attendees to learn more about CPS. Lastly, CPS participated in a Q&A session on Monday October 18, entitled Experts with Answers: Learn How the Center for Produce Safety is Working for You.

(Photos Courtesy of Leslie Maulhardt, CPS and the Produce Marketing Association, 2010)

CPS prides itself on the wide array of institutions it funds as well as the diverse group of board members and partners in research.

Executive Director Bonnie Fernandez-Fenaroli

CPS had a booth on the trade show floor with information on how to get involved.

Three CPS projects were selected to show the breadth of research funded by CPS.

Dr. Pat Millner, USDA-ARS presents "Improving produce safety by stabilizing chlorine in washing solutions with high organic loads."

Mike Burness, Chiquita International/Fresh Express; Bob Gray, The California Ag Leadership Foundation; James Gorny, USDA; Bill Pool, Wegmans.

Advisory Board member Christian Schlect of the Northwest Horticultural Council was found sitting in on the session.

The Food Safety Solutions Center was located on the tradeshow floor. The Q&A session was held here.

The Q&A Session featured Dr. Bob Whitaker of PMA, Bonnie Fernandez-Fenaroli, and Tim York of Markon Cooperative, Inc.

Advisory Board Chairman Tim York explains to the audience how the Center for Produce Safety is working to fund original research.

Bonnie Fernandez-Fenaroli and Tim York present a photo from the first Produce Research Symposium to Bill Schuler, Chairman of PMA and Bryan Silbermann, President of PMA, thanking them for initially funding CPS.

Fernandez-Fenaroli and York also presented a photo from the first Produce Research Symposium to Taylor Farms' Bruce Taylor, Chief Executive Officer and Alec Leach, President.