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CPS Annual Request for Proposals

CPS annual call for proposals begins in October of each year. Preliminary proposals will be request to address CPS research priorities. Upon review of the pre-proposals, selected scientists will advance to submit a full proposal. 

2017 Request for Pre-proposals now available

CPS is proud to announce the 2017 Request for Pre-proposals. Funds will be provided through the Campaign for Produce Safety in partnership with the California Department of Food and Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant Program. Additional Specialty Crop Block Grant Programs will be announced throughout the review period.  

Preliminary Proposals:

The Center for Produce Safety requires Preliminary (pre-) Proposals  as a part of the annual call for research proposals. Upon review of the pre-proposals, research scientists will receive an invitation from the CPS Technical Committee to submit a full proposal. Required with the submission of the pre-proposal will be a form that states each principle investigator and co-principle investigator has read through the CPS RFP Guidance document and understand the requirements to submit a full proposal. 

CPS Research Priorities

Research Priorities: The Center for Produce Safety sets its highest priorities in supporting research towards ready-to-use, data-based solutions or information which catalyze and support science-based actions and decisions to prevent or minimize produce safety vulnerabilities across the supply and marketing chain. To a significant degree, the sustainability of CPS to provide this resource and function demands that the greatest share of research award funds be allocated to investments in applied, practical, and knowledge gap–filling projects. These near-term research questions also must be supported by longer-term fundamental research and limited objective proof-of-concept projects to explore novel solutions or to complete translation research of products or services of broad interest and adoption by the industry. While some priorities remain broad, other priorities are re-drafted for 2017 to capture and emphasize the input that CPS has received to more tightly focus the research question with specific anticipated data outcomes. With this mission in mind, the following priorities are provided as guidance to applicants to the 2017 CPS request for proposals.

Attention research scientists

Scientists that have an interest in partnering with CPS are encouraged to ask questions about the proposal process, research priorities and CPS expectations of funded scientists. Please send questions to or call the CPS office (530) 554-9706. 


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