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American Society for Microbiology conference on Salmonella.

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Sep. 1, 2008 - Aug. 31, 2010

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Center for Produce Safety

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Lisa Nalker, Ph.D.
American Society for Microbiology


Salmonella represents one of the most prominent food safety problems in the United States and also poses a threat to animal health and public safety. The emergence of multi-resistant Salmonella strains has complicated efforts to prevent and treat infections in humans and animals. This diverse international meeting will include sessions on Salmonella evolution, genomics, genetics, physiology, epidemiology, clinical aspects (including antimicrobial resistance), animal infections, food safety, pathogenesis (including systems, molecular and cellular biology), immunology and vaccines. The focus of this meeting specifically addresses the priorities of the USDA program on Food Safety: Biological Approaches, NRI, which include Salmonella associated with seafood, fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables, and methods to reduce the Salmonella burden in poultry and swine. The meeting is also relevant to the program on Animal Protection and Biosecurity or Food Safety: Epidemiological Approaches.