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Nanoliter/Picoliterscale fluidic arrays for rapid identification of pathogenic bacterial cells.

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Dec. 1, 2008 - Nov. 30, 2011

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Jong Wook Hong, Ph.D.
Auburn University


Oyarzabal, O.


There have been advances in the development of rapid methods for isolation and identification of foodborne pathogens. Conventional isolation methods relied on the use of traditional microbiology media, but unfortunately these methods are labor-intensive, time-consuming and, in many cases, require several days for completion. Hence, a rapid, reliable detection method of foodborne bacterial cells is important to improve food safety. Here, we propose a novel, nanotechnology-based method to enhance food safety by the use of highly sensitive and specific nanofluidic systems targeting single pathogenic bacterial cell detection through a unique and novel sample handling method. If the proposed work is successfully carried out, we could detect single cell level pathogenic bacterial cells without any enrichment steps, providing ultimate sensitivity.