Summary of Awards to Date

Genetic diversity of lettuce (Lactuca sativa) for resistance to bacterial leaf spot caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. vitians.

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Funding Agency

Center for Produce Safety


Carolee Bull, Ph.D.


Goldman, P., Hayes, R., Madden, L., Koike, S., and Ryder, E.


Over 80% of the 890 million lbs of lettuce consumed annually by Americans is produced in the United States. Lettuce production in California accounts for 70-75% of the US total. This research has identified lettuce cultivars resistant to bacterial leaf spot, a plant disease that reduces market yield. Because the relative performance of cultivars with regard to disease resistance was correlated between field evaluations and assays developed for the greenhouse, the relatively rapid greenhouse assay can be used to facilitate research on the genetics of bacterial leaf spot resistance and the selection of resistant individuals. The techniques developed and lettuce cultivars identified are being used by private and federal breeding programs to breed commercial cultivars with resistance to the bacterial leaf spot pathogen.