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Methods for assuring chemical food safety.

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Jan. 1, 2008 - Dec. 1, 2010

Award Number

CCFRA Project 105597

Funding Agency

CCFRA - Campden Chorleywood Food Research Association


Robert Levermore, Ph.D.
CCFRA - Campden Chorleywood Food Research Association


When chemical food safety issues arise they require a prompt response. This often necessitates rapid gathering of information, urgent development or validation of analytical methods, and targeted research to understand the significance of claims and counter-claims. Such work at CCFRA has long been underpinned by a member-funded project which, in recent years, has addressed such high profile issues as acrylamide, illegal dyes, mycotoxins, allergens and melamine, as well as enabling strategic information gathering and development of methods. This project enables a continued rapid response to such food chemical issues.