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Safety of foods processed by four alternative processing technologies.

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Sep. 15, 2003 - Sep. 14, 2008

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Sudhir K. Sastry, Ph.D.
Ohio State University


Zhang, Q., Yousef, A., and Balasubramaniam, V.


The food industry is on the verge of a revolution in food processing. If successful, tomorrow's consumers will have access to safe, nutritious, high-quality products via alternative process technologies (APTs). However, if APTs are to replace traditional processing methods, safety assurance is critical. We propose to study the safety aspects of four alternative process technologies: Pulsed Electric Field (PEF), High Pressure (HPP), ohmic heating, and microwave heating. We will develop critical basic knowledge for these products and processes; to find the locations within the food where harmful microorganisms may be most likely to survive, and verify that these organisms are inactivated by the intended process . By the final year of the project, we will develop the methods that industry may use in assuring consumer safety. We propose to develop an informed stakeholder community, including consumers, industry professionals and regulators via our extension programming, including the development of coursework and web-based instruction. Interaction with stakeholders will occur during biannual meetings. Finally, we will continuously evaluate and improve our efforts by obtaining feedback from an experienced external evaluator.