Knowledge Transfer Task Force

Article 25 - We do more together than we ever could apart

September 29, 2022

This article originally appeared in Produce Processing, and is reprinted here with permission. © 2022 Produce Processing

If you’ve been involved with the Center for Produce Safety, you know that our personality is to be humble. After all, our mission to enhance fresh produce safety will likely never be 100% completed — there will always be a new challenge — and we rely on a legion of volunteers to do our work.

That said, it is important to acknowledge the CPS effort and to share our new 2021 annual report.

This report features a range of voices, illustrating how CPS’s unique community helps achieve our mission to fund science, find solutions and fuel change. Together, these voices convey two clear messages: One, when diverse minds meet, produce safety benefits and; two, we do more together than we ever could apart.

Those interviewed in the report include two producers, a retail leader, California’s secretary of food and agriculture and the head of Canada’s Food Safety and Consumer Protection Directorate. Each reinforced the value of CPS’s diverse community.

If you’re into numbers, the new CPS annual report has those, too:

CPS has a proud history of being anti-status quo, demonstrated at both a macro level in how we’ve continuously improved how we identify our research priorities and at a process level.

View the 2021 annual report at To join the list of industry leaders that fund our critical work, email


— By Bonnie Fernandez-Fenaroli, executive director, Center for Produce Safety