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KTTF Articles

Article 9 - To find food safety efficiencies, look to the research
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Deng - Possibility, duration, and molecular predictors of sanitizer tolerance in Listeria monocytogenes
Dunn - Environmental microbial risks associated with vented produce in distribution centers
Article 8 - Strive for Food Safety Perfection, Settle for Excellence
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Lu - Detection, validation, and assessment of risks implied by the viable but non-culturable (VBNC) state of enteric bacterial pathogens in fresh produce
Munther - Mathematical modeling tools for practical chlorine control in produce wash process
Suslow - Resolving postharvest harborage sites of Listeria protects Zone 1 surfaces
Article 7 - Food safety truisms: trust but verify
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Danyluk - Pathogen transfer risks associated with specific tomato harvest and packing operations
McLandsborough - Survival, transfer, and inactivation of Salmonella on plastic materials used in tomato harvest
Strawn - Control of cross-contamination during field-pack and retail handling of cantaloupe
Article 6 - It's time to fuel food safety change
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Allende - Establishment of operating standards for produce wash systems through the identification of specific metrics and test methods
Lopez - Cyclospora: Potential reservoirs and occurrence in irrigation waters
Rock - CPS Rapid Response Yuma Valley
Wiedmann - Remotely-sensed and field-collected hydrological, landscape and weather data can predict the quality of surface water used for produce production
Article 5 - How well do you understand irrigation water risk management
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Rock - Evaluation of risk-based water quality sampling strategies for the fresh produce industry
Verhougstraete - Optimal strategies for monitoring irrigation water quality and the development of guidelines for the irrigation of food crops
Article 4 - How well are you managing risk?
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Berry - Escherichia coli O157:H7 in bioaerosols from cattle production areas: evaluation of proximity and airborne transport on leafy green crop contamination
Wiedmann - Validation of geospatial algorithms to predict the prevalence and persistence of pathogens in produce fields to improve GAPs
Article 3 - How well are you controlling animal intrusion?
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Jay-Russell - Investigation of potential reservoirs of shiga toxin-producing E. coli and Salmonella in produce production areas of Arizona and Mexico
Article 2 - A question for C-Level Executives - how well are you sleeping at night?
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Luo - Minimizing pathogen transference during lettuce harvesting by optimizing the design of the harvesting device and operation practices
Article 1 - Go beyond the audit every day!
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Strawn - Control of cross-contamination during field-pack and retail handling of cantaloupe