CPS Webinar Announcement

CPS Webinar Announcement

07/17/2019 ‐ 08/01/2019

Thank you for attending the webinar "Why Guess? Fill Knowledge Gaps With New Insights from Field-based Research"

Join Channah Rock, University of Arizona and Trevor Suslow, Produce Marketing Association and University of California, Davis for an in-depth presentation of recent field and farm-based research simulating both pre-harvest and harvest conditions and reflecting common industry practices. These study outcomes may explain contaminant transfer scenarios on Romaine lettuce and insights to best management practices to reduce this potential. Research results will also be shared from commercial-scale evaluation of antimicrobial mitigation strategies for agricultural water and their impact on microbial survival in water, on soil and plant tissue.

Dr. Rock's research was funded through the CPS Rapid Response Research Program. The webinar will show how this approach is an option for future research learnings.

CPS will provide recordings from the webinar and post to the website as soon as they are available.

Questions about the event may be sent to info@centerforproducesafety.org.

The 2019 CPS Research Symposium was a success! Thank you all for coming to Austin, Texas and participating. Please see below to access 2019 Symposium resources:

We look forward to seeing you all June 23-24, 2020 in La Jolla, California.





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