CPS’s research program has been prolific in its 11 short years. But it takes more than new science to bring change – it takes education and knowledge-building. While hundreds of industry companies attend CPS’s annual Research Symposium to learn about research findings, thousands more can’t. So, in 2018 CPS created a Knowledge Transfer Task Force to better get the word out to grassroots industry.

This group’s work includes:

  • Targeting both senior executives and food safety personnel
  • Authoring articles in key produce industry media outlets
  • Outreaching to trade associations and commodity groups, to reach their members
  • Speaking at industry and company gatherings

Their goal: To reach a much wider audience, to significantly improve our industry’s record on food safety.

Meet the task force members

“With the unprecedented number of outbreaks in the last year, it’s clear to all of us food safety practices must be improved across the industry. The KTTF was formed to share the key learnings from CPS research through meaningful examples of how a company can put them into practice. I volunteered to chair the KTTF because I saw a great need to provide tools and insights to other executives, and encourage everyone to improve their food safety culture and staff engagement.”

Doug Grant

Oppy Executive Vice President and COO, and chair of CPS's Knowledge Transfer Task Force